Le réseau européen POLIS (public transport lab) lance une série de webinaires (en anglais) sur le rôle et la reprise des transports publics dans un monde post-pandémique, où la transition vers une mobilité urbaine plus durable est plus urgente que jamais. 

How can urban design foster the integration between active travel and public transport, thus promoting intermodality as a convenient alternative to private car use? Public transport and active travel are key allies to achieve more liveable urban areas, where citizens can use both modes in a combined way to reach their destinations in an easy, safe, and convenient way. In this webinar, we will hear about different perspectives and experiences that follow this approach.

  • The creation of synergies between bike-sharing and train networks at the regional level  
  • The role of Public Transport in achieving more livable urban areas 
  • The integration of cycling infrastructure and public transport stops